Time is money, Money is bad. OR is it?

We are taught from childhood, that “time is money”.

But I always wonder “Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. If time is money, then, how a few people earn a meager amount and some in millions/billions”.

The sooner we get rid of our belief that “time is money”, and acquire time management and Goal achievement skills, the better for us.

How about the belief “Money is bad”. Then why do we all want money. Why wanting money should be a secret? Why cant it be just another goal? Money cant be bad if we are not hurting anyone or cheating anyone?

What other beliefs have we ingrained about money in our belief systems? We need to identify all the beliefs. Work through each one of them, if we want to flow freely with our goals of acquiring more money.

What are you trading and for what?

We trade a lot of things to achieve other things.

We trade our “time, energy and creativity” for money. We trade straight talk for gaining approval. We trade negotiation for fear of losing good name(which is a wrong belief and is a topic for some other day). We trade our health and happiness for money.

If we are not careful, we lose a lot in the process.

1. Time with Self
2. Time with family
3. Time to understand what we really want and how we get there
4. Time to think deeply about life and its little learnings
5. Energy to appreciate the beauty of life
6. Energy to play with children.
7. Time and Energy to speak to neighbors.
The list goes on and on..

All our grand plans for life are on the back-burner. The social service that we want to do or an orphanage that we want to open or that religious research/spiritual journey we long for…..

The good news is we don’t have to fore go all these things if we plan well in advance. How?
1. First step is to be aware of what is happening in our life
2. Understanding what we want in life
3. Deciding on how we want to live our life
4. Continuously tweaking our every day life, schedule and goals to suit our wants of the day
5. Continuously strive to achieve the model life and thinking that we want for ourselves and for our loved ones.
6. Take action now. Not waiting for a perfect time, perfect plan, perfect partner etc to start on our grand plans for life.
7. Start talking to the right people for the right advice.
8. Taking regular breaks to recharge our thinking, our body and spirit.

Get a mentor. Get a coach. Build your support network. Do everything that is required and is possible to start on your plan.

Think about it:
This is, after all, my life. And I am responsible for shaping it the way I want it. Then, why dont I start doing it now. Take charge of my life.

Once I have decided on these, it doesn’t matter what I am trading for what. Provided I function within my values and ethics. It is a win-win from hereon in every situation.

What is your grand plan for life?
What do you trade and for what?