Are you having a crisis in your life?

Crisis can be big or small. Right from taking your child for a swimming class to dealing with a tough boss at office.

How you ask a question to yourself is very important.

Ex1: I cannot deal with this. This is really stressful. I dont have time to finish office work, Now, I have one more thing to do.

Change it to:

How can I accommodate this along with my office work. What can wait? And what should be handled now and how much time do I have?

Ex2: Why does my boss never understand how hard I am working. Why cant he appreciate my work?

Change it to:

How can I make sure my boss understands more about what I’m doing and encourage him to give me more support?

Try it. It might just work wonders for eliminating crisis in your life…

Using Palmisano’s questions

Inspired by the 4 questions of the ex-CEO of IBM, Sam Palmisano. I wanted to see what questions an employee can ask himself to get what he/she wants from a job:

  1. Why would any organisation pay you?   so What is unique about you?
  2. What skills do you bring to the job to add value to your work?
  3. Why should the organisation carry you along in its growth path? In other words, what are you doing to make sure you evolve along with the organisation?
  4. What uniqueness are you adding to your skillset regularly so that you are entitled to hikes and promotions?

What do you say? Please share your thoughts.