Creating the first impression


What do we do when we look at a person especially someone different? We judge. We judge based on our past experiences/information. How long do we take to do it? 60 seconds. Can you believe it? Within 60 seconds of meeting a person, we pass judgements atleast internally. This is called 60 second fallacy.

Next time we see/meet someone, let us wait a few minutes concsiously before passing  judgement.

Let us look at how we can use this to our advantage to create the first impression.

What others see in us

They see our clothes, our gestures, our walk – all the aspects that form the visual quotient. We have to think through what we want others to see in us. What impression we want to leave in the first 60 seconds. And then follow it. We have to design what others see, keeping in mind the brand we want to believe and portray. Clothes matching for an occasion and confidence are two key ingredients here.

What others hear?

Again, confidence plays a major role. Confidence in what we believe in is very important. Words that show conviction and passion show the observer that we have thought deeply about our thoughts and we know what we are talking about.

What others feel?

Once we make this first impression, it is important to follow it through. If there is no consistency of thought and manners, there is no trust.

Be Yourself and be constantly aware.