Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is not just managerial frill and fancy. Today, it is widely accepted as a ‘necessary learning,’ needed to augment businesses. It has made its presence felt in India too – top corporate honchos now acknowledge the invigorating role that a coach plays.

What is common to GE’s Jack Welch, IBM’s Sam Palmisanio, and e-Bay’s Meg Whitman? They all had to seek the expertise of an executive coach in order to strengthen their vision, performance and capacities. A Chicago Tribune article once quoted, ‘Who exactly seeks coaches – Winners who want even more out of life.’

As a concept, Executive Coaching is still new in India. In our past, the Gurukul system was an example of a one-to-one coach for individual students. It was built on a deeper inter-personal relationship. In today’s world, the concept of hiring a personal guide and coach is not often possible. However, the growing complexity of businesses in this era of globalisation, has prompted senior management to counsel, seek, and simply talk to a person who can be an amalgam of a sounding board, a critic, a seer, a friend, etc

Extracted from – http://www.isb.edu/isbinsight/Insight_Sep07/Pioneering%20Executive.html