The Power of Now – A realisation through my typhoid days

I think I am a planning freak. I am continuously planning off my everyday schedule, my schedule as it might look a few days from now, a few months from now. I may not have felt its impact when I had all the energy in the world to do it along with my other chores.

But this previous month, when I was down with Typhoid and my three dear children to care for, I realised how much energy I am spending on continuously trying to plan. It was in this moment I realized┬áthat I have my long term goals and plans in place. I dont have to do them again and again. I can just choose for this moment – NOW.

Choose to be happy playing with my children NOW.

Choose to be happy cooking for my children NOW.

Choose to be content that I am resting for my good health NOW.

I can Choose to allow my life to flow as it is NOW, instead of trying to control it, when there is no need to control.

I realise how hard it is for us to release our plans due to ill-health(this is not in my plannnn, come on, how can I accept it?). I have definitely learnt a lesson in these days to accept what is not in my control.

Even now, as I am recovering, and when fatigue engulfs me, I allow myself to drift off. I pray to get well soon, and catch-up with my plans. But, I will continue to practice to flow with life. I will continue to practice to ALLOW myself to flow with life…