Compulsion of Comparison

I recently planned to attend a training.

I thought about what I want to get out of this training, and decided that whatever might happen, I am going to get as much info as I can and ask all relevant questions to improve my understanding.

When the day came and I was sitting in the training. I was overcome by feeling of comparison, competition. Feelings like what would others be thinking. Am I inferior or superior to others. Am I better than them. When I wanted to ask a question, I was thinking “what would others think if I ask questions again and again”.

Fortunately, the realization that ‘I am getting into a compulsion for comparison or competition’ dawned on me. The compulsion can arise from experiences of childhood or sheerly due to human nature. I realized I can choose to not get influenced by my thoughts. And instead focus on what I wanted to get from this training. Thankfully, the fact that I planned for what I wanted before the training itself, helped me focus easily on what I wanted.

Being self-aware ‘what thoughts I am going through in any given moment’ and being clear ‘what I want from a particular situation/scenario’ helps tremendously in focusing and succeeding. And also a feeling of fulfillment comes.

What do you say? I would love to hear your such experiences.

About Roshini
I am a Leadership coach, with a passion to grooming leaders, and making leaders out of junior professionals. I love to help working women find the most required Work/Life Balance. I believe every human being has the power to shape his destiny and want to help as many people as can be to discover their inner potential.

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