Using Palmisano’s questions

Inspired by the 4 questions of the ex-CEO of IBM, Sam Palmisano. I wanted to see what questions an employee can ask himself to get what he/she wants from a job:

  1. Why would any organisation pay you?   so What is unique about you?
  2. What skills do you bring to the job to add value to your work?
  3. Why should the organisation carry you along in its growth path? In other words, what are you doing to make sure you evolve along with the organisation?
  4. What uniqueness are you adding to your skillset regularly so that you are entitled to hikes and promotions?

What do you say? Please share your thoughts.

About Roshini
I am a Leadership coach, with a passion to grooming leaders, and making leaders out of junior professionals. I love to help working women find the most required Work/Life Balance. I believe every human being has the power to shape his destiny and want to help as many people as can be to discover their inner potential.

One Response to Using Palmisano’s questions

  1. Manju says:

    Dear Roshini,
    Happy to hear that your hobby is to mentor people which a rarity to find in our lives. 
    I am a person who is always and who is still trying to achieve goals in life.
    Starting from small things like washing my vehicle once in a week to big goals like earning 20 lakhs per year… but unable to achieve due to lack of focus and many other reasons.
    I wanted a person who can monitor, track me and who can be a catalyst for me to achieve things more productively.
    Happy to hear that your hobby is to mentor people which a rarity to find in our lives. 
    Please check my mail.

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