Too Busy to think about Life

It is easy to fall in the trap of being busy all the time. After all, the more busy the people are, the more successful they are. Aren’t they? This is just a mindset our society has created in us from the time we were learning to walk or talk.

Don’t get fooled by it. There are many reasons why people keep busy all the time:

  • To show the world how important they are
  • To prove to themselves that they are doing important work
  • To feel good about themselves that their parents/relatives think they are important
  • To avoid changing their life
  • To avoid thinking about their childhood dreams which they think are not realistic
  • To avoid realizing the fact that the tasks they do everyday are not really getting them what they want.
  • To avoid realizing the fact that WE CAN REALLY CHANGE OUR LIVES THE WAY WE WANT IT

Does it matter? Really? if people think we are important or not? Except in the case where it is your client in business or manager at work. Even in this case, they will think you are important if you consistently produce results on time, but not by being busy all the time.

Don’t you see the longer you stay in this mode, the more your mind is used to working on trivial issues than learning to go deeper in thoughts. Because, to realize our true potential and to take action towards changing it requires deep thinking from our mind. The longer you keep your mind in this state, the more it gets used to it. And the more difficulty you will have in getting it to change.

So, If you think you are busy, just stop and think about it. Consciously think and prioritize what you do and have to do.


  1. Allocate ‘me time’ for yourself everyday. For BUSY people, I suggest take 15 mins everyday and think. Just think or write down if you are comfortable. About what you want in life, and what you doing is really what you want.
  2. Write down all the tasks that you do everyday and prioritize tasks. Keep re-prioritizing till you get the schedule you want.
  3. Find out what your dream or vision is. And see what you are doing in your everyday life to reach that dream.
  4. Slowly and steadily change the small tasks of your life to reflect that which you want in life. And to include the path to reach your dream.
  5. Review your changes on a regular basis.
  6. Take a day off in a month or once in three months, and do nothing. Just allow yourself to relax and be with yourself and with the universe.

If you are not able to think of or remember your dream, no problem. This is expected. Allow yourself to unwind in the above said way or whichever way you are comfortable, slowly and eventually you will reach that place in your heart, where you have buried your dream.

There you go….

About Roshini
I am a Leadership coach, with a passion to grooming leaders, and making leaders out of junior professionals. I love to help working women find the most required Work/Life Balance. I believe every human being has the power to shape his destiny and want to help as many people as can be to discover their inner potential.

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